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Jan Barbeau's #1 passion is to create weddings for couples who want their day to be EVERYTHING. Everything they ever dreamed of.
Everything they envision. Everything guests find unforgettable.

Do people really get Event or Wedding Insurance?

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Welcome back to Perfect Event’s by Jan. Again, we are talking about budgets. Let’s face it events and weddings cost a lot of money.  When you hire a Professional Project Manager like Jan you get a business mind and focus.  The pillars of Project Management are Time,Budget and Scope!

Your wedding or event can be the biggest expense for the year.  What does a planner or coordinator really do?  Minimize Risk!  Your event is critically important otherwise you wouldn’t put so much time, energy and thought into it.  It is a complete reflection on you and you want it to be perfect!  

Unless you are a professional event planner, you are probably surprised by the expenses for a perfect event.  One expense which is often overlooked is event or wedding insurance.  Travel insurance is often dismissed without real consideration.  People think, it is just an extra way for the insurance company to make money and why spend even more money just in case something might go wrong?

Of course, no one wants to think about the possibility of something going wrong, but it happens so why not protect yourself upfront and give yourself a little peace of mind.  

So, what could go wrong?  This list is endless!  Of course, a planner is your first line of defense and is there to confirm and confirm again expectations with each vendor and business partner.    For a wedding, the 1st thing booked is often the church.  Does a church ever get double booked?  Yes, it does!  A planner will ensure that every vendor has a backup plan.  For example,if the makeup person is sick on the wedding day, who is the back-up?  There should be a back-up for the wedding planner too!  The list of potential problems goes on and on.  Your planner should be on top of everything!  What if there is a weather event?  There is a tornado in Illinois, a cold snap in Texas for an outdoor wedding, a hurricane on the beach for the honeymoon or destination wedding, the list goes on and on.  If something doesn’t work out, insurance can provide some relief.

Some of the more common events is that someone is sick, or the event is called off or postponed, the venue cancels, a vendor does not show up,emergencies or someone is hurt in a crash, etc. Most professionals recommend insurance no matter the situation.  Better safe than sorry as the old saying goes.  Perfect Events by Jan always recommends an insurance review, the question is how much coverage to have.  Are you willing to risk the entire cost, without any protection?

So, how much does wedding insurance cost? Only the insurance company can provide a quote.  If you already have home, auto or business insurance starting with your local agent is a good idea because you already have a good relationship and trust your representative. There are other providers such as Wedsure, Wedsafe and Travelers.  Obviously full coverage will cost the most,but you get what you pay for.  

Consider coverage for host liquor liability, medical payments, cancellation or postponement, gifts, jewelry, photographs, attire etc.  Some things that may not be covered are change of heart or rented party supplies.  

Bottom line is it is worth looking at the cost vs. risk.  Travel insurance often provides replacement or cash back.  For example, the honeymoon cruise is cancelled due to an unexpected event do you want a different cruise or a refund?

I am a Certified Project Management Professional, have a Master’s in Business Administration and 20+ years of professional experience.   Perfect Events by Jan offers professional planning and execution for events and weddings filled with happiness and joy. 


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Jan Barbeau's #1 passion is to create weddings for couples who want their day to be EVERYTHING. Everything they ever dreamed of.
Everything they envision. Everything guests find unforgettable.

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