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Jan Barbeau's #1 passion is to create weddings for couples who want their day to be EVERYTHING. Everything they ever dreamed of.
Everything they envision. Everything guests find unforgettable.

No business or association is too small for an Event Planner or Coordinator!

Hello Business Leaders,

Welcome to Perfect Event’s by Jan where the help you need with the annual conference, award ceremony, leadership retreat, golf outing or association event can be found.  

You are saying to yourself, “Jan you just don’t understand, I don’t have any budget, I don’t have event planners on my staff like the big companies do, I just have to make it work with the people I have.”

Often everyone in the association is doing their own job but now they are scrambling around to take on the additional work for an event.  It is a very hectic and stressful time for everyone.  Many companies say, “I just need a little help” for a few days or a week. That is where Perfect Events by Jan steps in and provide some relief for the team.  

Annual Conference:

Staff might be able to handle 80 - 90% of the planning but the week of the event it is all hands-on deck, maybe compiling materials, stuffing binders,creating name tags, manning the registration desk etc.

Golf Outing:

Often the biggest fund raiser of the year and there is so much work to be done!  Organizing golfers, registration desk, give always, fund raising, promotional materials, breakfast, lunch and dinner, hole sponsors, entertainment and awards.

Small Business Association Event:

All small business associations have a limited staff and many just need a little help with setting up a booth, signage, organizing the team, logistics and greeting vendors at arrival etc.

When members arrive at the association event and your entire staff is working the event, your staff is not able to engage with the members.  The primary goal of most events is to actively engage with everyone and build relationships.

When you bring me in a week before the event, I can take the overload off your team, so your staff can remain calm, not feel overwhelmed, do their actual jobs and interact with members at the event.

With my team Perfect Events by Jan can handle everything from set up to clean up.  We can provide additional hands-on help before the events with compiling materials, creating name tags, sign-in sheets, transporting materials and simply being extra hands on site.    

How do we accomplish all of this?  

The core values of Perfect Events by Jan are those values which form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.  The values underlie our work ethic and how we interact with all.

1.    Get it done! Promises made are promises kept. We do whatever it takes to make events perfectly wonderful.

2.    High Standards for all!  The highest standard is perfect – as defined by you, our client.

3.    Team Players! We pitch in and pitch hit.  No job is above or below us.  We look at events holistically – even details we’re not responsible for.

4.    Listen and lead with our hearts.  All ideas are welcome.  Decisions are always made in your best interest – even in stressful and critical moments.

5.    Have a lot of fun, with a side of humor.  We love to laugh and have fun!  High energy is our jam.

6.    Create possibilities and solutions.  We celebrate what-if moments.  We make opportunities in the challenges.  

7.    Honor elegance!  Elegance in attitude,conversation, style, actions, kindness, respect and effectiveness.

A perfect event does not just magically happen but we will make it look effortless. No event is too big or too small for Perfect Events by Jan.   

Happiness and joy, 

Let's talk about your perfect event.

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Jan Barbeau's #1 passion is to create weddings for couples who want their day to be EVERYTHING. Everything they ever dreamed of.
Everything they envision. Everything guests find unforgettable.

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